Cygnet® software

Cygnet® software

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Short description

Cygnet® is a powerful software for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback in the frequency band and with slow cortical potentials (SCP). It impresses with highest precision is reliable and at the same time easy to use - perfect for daily work with neurofeedback in practice and clinic.

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Product features:
  • powerful neurofeedback software for effective neurofeedback
    • preconfigured neurofeedback modules with frequency band training and slow cortical potentials
    • compatible with leading neurofeedback approaches
    • High user-friendliness, simple operation, high efficiency - no special PC knowledge required
    • automatic artifact suppression, to avoid incorrect measurements due to blinking eyes
    • Display and recording of biosignals such as heart rate, GSR and temperature
    • simple patient administration; creation of several users possible
  • Large selection of appealing feedback animations; modular structure - you only buy what you need
    Each of the optional animation worlds contains many different levels. Options:
    • 10 computer game-like feedback animation worlds, some playable with gamepad
    • Audio and audiovisual feedback for alpha-theta and synchronicity training
    • Virtual reality feedback
    • extensive media player for DVD, media files, online media
  • Integrated session report: everything clearly arranged on one page
  • Full support of network drives for patient data
  • easy installation in one step, online check for updates
Cygnet® Neurofeedback Software is a medical device approved in the European Union and the USA.
Technical information and services:
  • Cygnet® Neurofeedback Software can be used with the NeuroAmp II and NeuroAmp II5s- EEG Amplifier
  • We support you with the first online installation free of charge
  • With a basic neurofeedback course from EEG Info or one of our training partners, you are ideally prepared for working with Cygnet® and ILF neurofeedback
  • In order to make full use of all the possibilities of the software and for maximum effective neurofeedback, we also recommend attending an advanced or subject-specific course at EEG Info
  • EEG Info's Protocol Guide also provides you with a constantly updated overview of tried and tested treatment protocols and useful assistance for everyday practice.
  • Please find information about the minimum requirements for your PC to be able to use Cygnet® under Download
Delivery includes:
  • USB Stick with Cygnet® Neurofeedback Software