Particle Editor & World  Add-on
Particle Editor & World  Add-onParticle Editor & World  Add-onParticle Editor & World  Add-on

Particle Editor & World Add-on

Item No.:A001055

Short description

This Neurofeedback animation set includes both, the Particle Editor animation as well as the Particle World  Add-on animation. A collection of various images of pleasant-to-look at effects and a melodious background music appeal to many patients.

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Description of the feedback animation: This kit offers the therapist the creative possibilities of the Particle Editor as well as the Particle World  Add-on Neurofeedback animation. This set gives you a variety of image collections, pictures, melodic pieces of music and visual effects that can be combined to countless combinations.
Technical Specifications: In this set the feedback is provided by changing audio and visual elements.
Patients / clients:
  • Patients who like discreet audio-visual stimulation
  • Very well suited for hypersensitive patients
  • Patients who need assistance in giving away control
  • Many animations very suitable for relaxation
  • Visual and auditory feedback
  • Patients who need a lot of variety
  • Patients who get bored quickly
Included in delivery: Feedback animation licence codes to unlock the Neurofeedback-animations Particle Editor and Particle World  Add-on in Cygnet