The following sections document the new features and changes introduced with each release of Cygnet®. Unless otherwise stated, all changes are compatible with previous Cygnet® versions and automatically and transparently available for all new and existing feedback animations.
What is New in Version
  • - Optimized Netflix GUI behaviour
  • - Improved Simulation Sources in Simulation Mode
  • - Optimized game icon zoom behaviour in right panel
  • - Added Cygnet Version in Russian, Chinese, Swedish and Norwegian
  • - Game Updates:
    • -Dual Drive 2
    • -Tropical Heat
    • -Dream Scapes
    • -Virtual Reality
View or download these release notes as PDF file.
What is New in Version
  • - One decade further down in frequency selection
  • - Many minor game updates
View or download these release notes as PDF file.
What is New in Version
  • - Animation Dual Drive 2 added
  • - ILF-HD: the reward scheme has been improved for faster response
  • - Finer increments in Cygnet training frequency below .01mHz (0.0005mHz)
  • - Manual input down to 0.0001 and up to 260 possible now, error message if not in range
  • - Synchrony: A very low frequency option added ( 0.01 Hz)
  • - Increments of 0.01 Hz below 0.1 in Synchrony
  • - Synchrony now includes a few example environments from Particle World
  • - Report: new format and also includes the Combination Sensor graphs in case it is enabled and connected
  • - Fast switching between HD-ILF, Synchrony, AlphaTheta, useful when offering both modalities in one session
  • - Advanced Media Player controls in Right Panel added
  • - Netflix added in Advanced Media Player
  • - VR: new levels and games
  • - Stress index removed from graphs
  • - User management in several games changed
  • - New, Save progress in some games with progress: Now you can save where a client left off in some Arcade, Dual Drive II and more. Clients can pick up where they left off when they come back for their next session
  • - Improved accepting names for clients: all names accepted by windows folder are now possible, including foreign languages
  • - Multi-language package: English, Spanish, French, Russian, German
  • - Added Fpz as electrode position, removed Fpz from head image
  • - Many small stability and performance improvements
View or download these release notes as PDF file.