BEE Medic GmbH is an owner-managed medical technology company. Since 2005, we have been developing high-end systems for EEG-based neurotherapy and diagnostics in Germany and Switzerland, especially for use in the field of mental health. Our products are used worldwide in practices, clinics and research facilities.
With headquarters in Switzerland (EMEA) and subsidiaries in Germany (EU) and the USA (US), we are active worldwide. As EEG Info, BEE Medic GmbH offers neurofeedback training for medical users throughout Europe.
Our industry is developing rapidly and is full of possibilities. If you would like to join us, your application is always welcome, especially if you are interested in sales, programming or a job in our medical-scientific department.

Current Job Vacancies

BEE Medic Germany

IT-Support Staff (m/f/d) 1st and 2nd Level
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Working Student (m/f/d) IT Support
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Neurofeedback enthusiast (m/f/d) for the department Training & Education
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