pIR Features

pIR feedback
3 pIR sensors
This way the ranges around Fp1 and Fp2 can be measured and used for a number of purposes. The reason for switching from one to three sensors is a result of research and the data of the two other sensors that is included in order to optimize therapy.

High accuracy and speed
Our pIR utilizes high-precision amplifiers that are connected directly to the sensors. This results in lower noise levels leading to a resolution of 0.01°K at a reaction time of only 0.1 seconds. This design allows a long cable for increased user friendliness. At the moment the device is supplied with a cable of 2m length.

Professional design
We have invested a lot of effort and money to design a device that not only impresses your clients with its high level functionality but is also comfortable to wear. It fulfills all relevant standards for medical devices and is therefore top-of-the line with regard to quality and safety.